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This is the second time around at trying to get this Blog off the ground.  I am so technically challenged!  But perseverance is the key so hopefully this second time around will work more efficiently.


My hope for this blog is that bereaved multiple-birth parents, grandparents, surviving co-multiples and anyone else with an interest in loss in multiple-birth will benefit from its content and find a place of sanctuary, peace and comfort.

To lose a child is one of the worth things any parent can face.  Such a loss is beyond description and there is no such thing as bouncing back.  Time helps but does not completely erase what should have been and the helpless felt.  The world is a changed place.  It is no longer safe as we had previously thought.


In this space I want to share with you thoughts, hints, tips, stories, ideas, memorial ideas, research, resources and anything else which will help bridge the gap, even a little bit, between grief and sanity.


Forever Angels is the name of Multiple Births Canada’s (MBC) Loss Support Network’s monthly e-newsletter.  MBC has gratiously allowed me to use this name for my blog and I am grateful for their support.  Check out the wide variety of loss support available through MBC at www.multiplebirthscanada.org  I have been the Chair of their Loss Support Network since its inception 15+ years ago.

As such, there is a wealth of information and resources available.


If you have a question, concern or story you might like to share, don’t hesitate to get in touch.  I will be exploring the different types of multiple-birth loss in the next few days and weeks and perhaps something will resonate with you.


All the best.


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