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I have been watching the weather lately in Eastern Ontario and beyond (as I am certain that most of us have in our own communities) and those quickly changing weather patterns struck a chord with me:  sunny and fair one moment, 5 minutes later a downpour from gentle to fair to torrential and then back to some sun shine.  The mosquitoes adding a tormenting component.  I am finding these days of dramatic and changing weather patterns can mirror grief lines.  One minute managing, coping, completing necessary and daily tasks and then everything is brought to halt, reality seeps in and our loss speaks volumes.  Tears may flow gently, or in torrents, trying to make sense when there is no sense.  The calm and the storm become intermingled and vie to ‘be the boss of me.’  Time helps but it doesn’t take away the pain indefinitely.  It remains to visit again another day and yet, somehow, we go on.

May you find comfort in the sun, in your garden, in your family, in your plans, in your laughter, in your tears as your life moves forward.

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I am so excited to let you know about the launch of my New Multiple-Birth App

Please share this message with others you feel will benefit from being able to keep on top of

which baby did what.     I am so excited and I know you will be too!

Jumelle multiple birth App available for IPhone and IPad

The ONLY multiple birth App on the App Store

Distinct Exporting Feature for grandparents, doctors and others

Keep Track of which baby is doing what.  Easy, sensible, detailed as you wish.

Choc-a-bloc with my best tips over the years

Holds information for up to 10 children

Great for Day Care Centres


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