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Question:  I am wondering what a person can do to prepare themselves in becoming a twinless twin or leaving her twin to be on her own…My sister and I always say whatever happens be strong and live your life as good as you can…we say we should make a video so we can be reminded that we are to go on…we are now 56 and we don’t like to think of one of us going before the other…we sometimes say maybe we will be in a car accident and go together…is this crazy thinking…ty…Debbie and Darlene…and also Called Darbie…half and half..

Suggestions:  You have asked an extremely difficult question.  I am sure the answer(s) will be personal and unique and need to be evaluated for each situation.  Twins, triplets and more arrive at the same time, but there is nothing to guarantee that they will leave at the same time, in fact most times, multiples will not die together.  However, the same can be said for every special person we have in our lives, i.e. we will most likely not leave the world at the same time.  Parents with life threatening illnesses will make videos for the children as mementos, and so that their children can remember their voices.  It is not unheard of to make video Wills with proper legal representation.  If a video is what you would like to do, I say go for it.  You don’t mention if either of you have families of your own and I wonder if you have considered your losses for them, if you do have separate families as well.  I have no doubt that any of your family members will also grieve when one or both of you passes on.  The cost of loving anyone is to be heartbroken when they pass on.  I would encourage you and your sister not to focus too hard on one of your deaths rather than to focus on living the good life you mentioned, and fill your lives with wonderful memories to sustain the one left behind.  Getting too caught up on the what ifs could make you miss things you could control, i.e. today and what you choose to do with it.  Enclosing the very best of wishes.    Lynda

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