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Sam and Finn

Sam and Finn, written by Kate Polley, illustrations by Alex Latimer, The Oodlebooks Publishing Company Ltd., ISBN 978-0-9930569-1-8

When Kate’s twin son, Sam, brother to Finn, died unexpectedly 12 hours after their births, she wanted to give Sam a voice and this book is Sam’s voice. Sam and Finn is a gentle exploration of twins who began life together in the womb and while life and a future awaited one little boy, the journey for his twin would very different. Sam and Finn explores death and leaving as well as nearness and support for those left behind. The illustrations are simple and will be appealing to parent and child, while leaving plenty of room for discussion as the young reader may wish to explore. Any child from 2 to 10 would appreciate this book and rather than feeling afraid, would feel comforted and no doubt wish to look for the sibling in all sorts of places around them. Sam and Finn will be a great introduction for parents looking for a way to gently break the news to their child that they had begun life as a multiple.

Sam and Finn can be ordered at:              http://www.oodlebooks.com/sam-and-finn-kate-polley/


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