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The world watched as Tahlequah, the mother Orca whale who lost her newborn calf shortly after it was born this Summer, carried her deceased baby over 1,000 miles.  She was loath to give it up, to let go.  When Tahlequah needed to eat, other members of the pod would take over carrying the little whale’s body.  Her pod was right there with her all the time helping the Orca Momma with her needs.  Apparently the 17 days that Tahlequah carried her baby, was the longest amount of time researchers had witnessed Orcas carrying their dead babies.  This heartbroken Mom just did not want to let go and her pod stood by her the whole time.  No judgments.

It is hard to let our babies go and some of us have to, even when our hearts scream NO!  Not only was this bereaved Mom supported by her peers as she grieved, they supported her when she needed to eat and stepped in to share the responsibility with her of caring for her child.

Humans can learn an awful lot from animals.


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This amazing photographer of twin brothers, one lost in utero, has won national and international acclaim.  It is original, speaks volumes about the connection of multiples and is an everlasting memory for the parents of the little boy who could not stay on Earth.



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