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It has been a long time coming but at last Multiple Births Canada (MBC) has been able to obtain Charitable Status.  At last we can work on ‘new and improved’ support resources, Web Site, and all that goes along with helping and support our special families.  Please think about donating for birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, milestones, or just because and you will be making a huge contributions towards supporting all multiple birth families.  Here’s the link:  multiplebirthscanada.org/index.php/get-involved/donate/   Congratulations to MBC and their Board of Directors who have worked for well over a decade to make this happen.  Very best wishes, Lynda


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Multiple Births Canada has needed a new website for some time.

We may have found a way to get the donation to fund it from AVIVA.
All we need to do is get all our friends and family – and their friends and family – to vote for our project idea for the next 15 days.

Would you please consider helping us? You register once with your email address (and create a password – use “twinsplus” so it’s easy to remember). After that you just sign in and vote for the idea – which takes about 15 seconds a day.

Here’s the link with the details:

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If you or someone you know has lost one, more or all of their multiple-birth babies, consider

getting in touch with Multiple Births Canada’s Loss Support Network.  They can be reached at

http://www.multiplebirthscanada.org    They have been supporting bereaved families for over 15 years with

loss resources fitting many occasions (e.g. getting through the holidays), offer private e-mail Pen Pal connection

and a monthly newsletter, Forever Angels.  You are not alone.  We are here to help.

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If you are looking for bereavement support for the loss of one, more or all your multiple -birth infants or children, are a bereaved grandparent or surviving co-multiple, there are two terrific Canadian sites to consider:

My own at http://www.jumelle.ca

and Canada’s only national support organization Multiple Births Canada’s Loss Support Registry at http://www.multiplebirthscanada.org

Your go-to places for bereavement support for understanding, resources, information and connection.

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